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About Us
Shaoxing Shangyu Lianguang Rubber Plastic and Metal Engineering Co., Ltd., is the only authorized manufacturer of the British Integraflex Composite Hose in China, and we had obtained 100% its high quality production technology. We are a professional manufacturer of various industrial composite hoses, which is dedicated to petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries for the transportation of various petroleum and chemical liquids.  We have been cooperating with other well-known foreign composite hose manufacturers in the industrial composite hose design, R&D development, and manufacturing process in order to introduce foreign high-production technology applications in our products. We provide a complete solution for oil and chemical liquid transportation. We have all the corresponding solutions for your requirements related to oil and chemical liquid transportation
INTEGRAFLEX COMPOSITE HOSE is specifically designed to be a better way of transporting liquid products, such as: water, oil, chemicals and corrosive agents, etc... The composite hose that we manufacture not only has the characteristics of lightweight and flexibility, but also has very strong structure. Thanks to these advantages, your workers can handle the hose easily.
Integraflex  composite hoses are made of multiple layers of different composite materials (films), and reinforcing steel wires on both sides of the hose to add strength. The materials that are selected all have the excellent resistance to most corrosive chemical liquids and hydrocarbons, and the operating temperature ranges from -30 Celsius to 115 Celsius degrees.
Given its characteristics such as a light weight, safety, strong structure, corrosion resistance, wide temperature range, etc, Integraflex Composite Hose can replace the traditional rubber and metal hoses.
All the manufacturing process of INTEGRAFLEX COMPOSITE HOSE from R & D, design, and production are in accordance with strict specifications of the European standard EN 13765: 2010. We ensure that the quality and performance of products are in the peer with industry's leading manufacturers. We hydrostatically proof pressure test every hose assembly that we produce. We then give the hose assembly a unique traceable number which is permanently attached to the hose, and is then recorded in a dedicated register for full traceability.
In addition, we offer a wide range of composite hose couplings and in-house assembly service as required by our user.
At present our products (INTEGRAFLEX COMPOSITE HOSE) are being widely used in ships, automobiles, steel, coal, paint, military, petrochemical and other industries.