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Scope of application of Integraflex composite hose

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Integraflex wide applicable places: composite hose -- Lianguang composite hose with chemical resistance, safety, flexibility, portability, easy handling and durable and so many advantages, in the dock, oil and petrochemical industry, warehousing, tankers and chemical plants and other fields have been used to replace the traditional rubber hose and metal hose.
Brief introduction of application scope of composite hose
1 oil industry - transportation of diesel oil, gasoline, aviation kerosene, lubricating oil, crude oil, natural gas and other petroleum products;
2 Chemical Industry - benzene, alcohol, ethylene, acid, alkali and other liquid or emulsion and other chemical media;
3 shipping industry - loading and unloading of liquid media and sea connections, sewage discharge, etc.;
4 warehousing industry - dock, liquid loading and unloading operations and exchange stations soft links;
5 paint industry - ink, paint solvents, such as corrosive liquid media;
6 - tank transportation of various liquid medium loading and unloading;
7 offshore mining - soft connection between equipment and various liquid medium loading and unloading operations.