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China's composite hose pipeline enterprises and related research

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In recent years, the joint research of China's pipeline composite hose enterprises and related research institutes, made a number of key technical results, these results include: the development of X70, X80 steel grade high performance pipeline steel and welded pipe, pipe fittings; breakthrough international spiral submerged arc welded pipe using the restricted area, established the technical route of large caliber high voltage transmission trunk line has characteristics of "China spiral submerged arc welded pipe and LSAW pipe joint use"; for the first time in the domestic research of high pressure gas pipeline dynamic fracture and crack arrest toughness, the hyperbolic model to predict the gas transmission from west to East and west east gas transmission pipeline in ductile fracture; the first of the oil and gas pipeline composite hose design method based on strain, solves the design method and high deformability pipeline steel in strong earthquake area and the activities of technical problems of pipe application fault.